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I consult in Parallel processing, in particular with the Inmos Transputer and the Occam language. Maybe you are looking for ispy, my free transputer network mapping tool, the companion program mtest in the same place, or information on consulting that I might do for you, transputers or WWW/mail/internet.

Pays Dogon Beautiful places

I love to travel to third world countries. Here is my trip across Namibia, South Africa, and Swaziland. Here is a travelogue of my previous trip, across Africa, from Kenya to Senegal.

Check out my Africa telecommunications project.


I was born in Kenya. There are now some fine Africa links on the Web - try MBendi in South Africa, Africa On Line and there are some Yale Africa links. There are some resources on Swahili at Yale also.

There is also the African Global Network.

If you have Real Audio or Microsoft NetShow, try the great radio and TV programs available at Channel Africa, or Africa Online.

Star Bar Players - Colorado Springs
I have some old pictures from Star Bar Players, when I was president..
FF Motorcycles

John Thomas A dear friend of mine, John Richard Thomas, passed away in 1997.

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