John Bruce's yard A collection of FF Bikes behind John Bruce’s garage in Bristol. It’s a party! Left to right - The big Z. My Gold Wing FF - also a Malcolm creation. John’s BSA. The last one is Royce’s Velocette. __________________________________________________________________

Malcolm Newell

The Anarchist himself - who else has a picture of this guy ? Always stepped out of photos. With John and other nameless at the Bristol Bike show. John was another Wiltshire worthy who did a lot of the welding. He built all these things, actually .. __________________________________________________________________

Big Z This was Bob Milsom’s bike by now. The Z1300 was built as a demo bike for Cibie - they took it, and then rebuilt it. It ran well. Came to an untimely end in Melbourne, Australia. Give us a story, Bob .. __________________________________________________________________

John Bruce John Bruce, architect of many FFs. I worked with him at British Aerospace, Filton. __________________________________________________________________

John on the Guzzi at the show. __________________________________________________________________

Bristol Bike show Three FFs at the Bristol Bike show. John Bruce’s BSA, the Guzzi twin, and my Wing. __________________________________________________________________

Centre-hub steering, on my Wing. __________________________________________________________________

Wing All the orange removed from the Wing. __________________________________________________________________