• Julian Bond’s Feet Forward motorcycles

    John Bruce’s yard A collection of FF Bikes behind John Bruce’s garage in Bristol. It’s a party! Left to right - The big Z. My Gold Wing FF - also a Malcolm creation. John’s BSA. The last one is Royce’s Velocette.

    Malcolm Newell

    The Anarchist himself - who else has a picture of this guy ? Always stepped out of photos. With John and other nameless at the Bristol Bike show. John was another Wiltshire worthy who did a lot of the welding. He built all these things, actually ..

    Big Z This was Bob Milsom’s bike by now. The Z1300 was built as a demo bike for Cibie - they took it, and then rebuilt it. It ran well. Came to an untimely end in Melbourne, Australia. Give us a story, Bob ..

    John Bruce John Bruce, architect of many FFs. I worked with him at British Aerospace, Filton.

    John on the Guzzi at the show.

    Bristol Bike show Three FFs at the Bristol Bike show. John Bruce’s BSA, the Guzzi twin, and my Wing.

    Centre-hub steering, on my Wing.

    Wing All the orange removed from the Wing.