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CHPC National Conference 2021

The CHPC National conference took place in the first week of December, and it had some interesting talks. All the Videos are viewable on YouTube The last keynote was by Prof Thomas Sterling, of Indiana University, where in a wide-ranging retrospective of HPC technology, he talked at the end about :- “A brief discussion of early attempts of memory-centric computing such as SIMD and PIM will motivate revolutionary concepts of the future.
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Wizzy consulting

By |  Dec 7, 2021  | chpc, supercomputers, simd, forth, parallel-processing
WZI is the name under which Andy Rabagliati consults. has been online since 1992. Recently revamped this site, and pulled my blog over here and integrated it, using Hugo. Here is a list of all posts and another list of all tags. My talk about my SIMD machine at the CHPC National Conference Check out my talk for the latest! Bit-serial computing can produce impressive performance figures. Can this performance be harnessed by re-thinking the algorithms for the core functions, like filtering or DFT ?
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Centre for High Performance Computing national meeting

By |  Dec 12, 2010  | chpc, computers
The Centre for High Performance Computing in Cape Town has an annual meeting to showcase flagship projects and listen to other people’s experiences at similarcentres around the world. The 7-9th December 2010 saw the Centre for High Performance Computing’s national meeting held at the Westin Grand hotel in Cape Town, next to the International convention centre, CTICC. I am contracting at CHPC, and have blogged before about it. Dr Happy Sithole is director of the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC), an initiative funded by the Departmentof Science and Technology (DST) and managed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR).
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Using the Centre for High Performance Computing, Cape Town

By |  Sep 6, 2010  | computers, chpc
I have recently been contracting at the Centre for High Performance Computing. This is just an update on how to map the particular problem I have onto the computing cluster. First steps It is an explanation of how to get to the much easier job of splitting the main task up into bite-sized pieces that can be fed independently via a job submission system called MOAB. Task description Each day satellites MODIS(NASA) and MERIS (ESA) do afew passes of a polar orbit over our region of interest, African coastal andinland waters.
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Centre for High performance computing in Cape Town

By |  Jul 24, 2010  | chpc, computers, uct
Last month I started a contracting job with the Marine Remote Sensing Unit - a collaboration between the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) and University of Cape Town. I have some history in parallel processing, mostly with Inmos, a British microelectronics company that built the Transputer, a ground-breaking microprocessor of the 1980s. I had been looking for an opportunity to work at the CHPC for a while, and took the chance when an opening arrived via the clug-work mailing list run by the Cape Town Linux Users Group.
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