I used to have the sources and binaries of the ispy / mtest tools I wrote here, but more modern ones that compile more cleanly can be found on github and also on Geekdot pages

What are they ?

ispy scouts out a transputer network of the T4/T8/T2/C004 family, and reports back processor type, boot link and speed, and connection diagram.

It can also program the C004s in the network, and compare the current network to a reference.

mtest uses this information to run memory tests, and memory speed tests, on all processors.

These versions are by and large the same as before, just bugs fixed, credits added, diagnostic mode improved ( -i option). I also removed the .cfb reading code.

The original versions of ispy, mtest and ftest live on Hensa that Dave Beckett admirably maintains.

Other transputer-related links - try the Vendors page at Hensa.