In the hope of adding meaning and relevance to my life, I am going to Cape Town in South Africa to work in the telecommunications field. If you know me at all, you will know that I have wanted to be involved in telecommunications in the third world for quite some time.

Well, I finally got off my butt and organised it ..

I am going on a Work-Seekers permit, that lasts for 3 months, to go find a job. There is a company I have been corresponding with for a few months, that wish to hire me. They do cell-phone programming for the second largest service provider in South Africa, and are a small startup. They are therefore close to the business I wish to be in, and will make a good start for me.

Much may change when I get down there, however.

Figuring, for various and sundry reasons, that you are interested in my progress, you have all been pre-subscribed to a list administered by my computer - the address is . From this you may get about one message every week from me.

My apologies if this is simply another piece of junk mail .. if you do any filtering of your Email (as I do) you may take this opportunity to adjust the knobs.

Cheers, Andy!