I was met at the airport, and we went straight to the offices of InTouch, the company I have been in correspondence with. Good thing I had a shower ..

The company have arranged to put me up in a hotel for a week, until I find another place. Very nice of them ..

The company is very closely associated with Vodacom, a large cell-phone provider in South Africa. They have a number of products - two voice applications, running under OS/2, one for dial-a-share-price, the other for dial-to-get-your-current-bank-balance.

They do a GSM cell-phone messaging product, that (I think) sends share prices textually to your phone.

They also set up a 900-number internet access service, for folks that travel or do not wish to pay in advance or be billed for access.

They also do WWW pages for a financial newspaper, where content provided by the paper is automatically built into WWW pages.

So, fairly diverse, running too many operating systems and languages.

Cape Town - winter now - is cool and pleasant.

Cheers, Andy!

– Andy Rabagliati . .