Locked in the depths of winter now - this means that you might need a sweater outside. It does not prevent locals from complaining about the cold, though. After all, few houses have much provision for heating at all - so they have to wear a sweater indoors too.

I now have a cellphone number.

Being in the business, I brought my own with me - a GSM phone from the USA. However, in the USA my network used 1.8 Ghz as a frequency - they use 900Mhz here - so much for the touted compatibility..

Cell calls in RSA are paid by the caller, not the recipient.

So you can call me all you like :-) at +27 82 681 4887 (I think that is right - +27 is South Africa - cell is 082-) Or you can send a text message that arrives on my phone from a WWW page at

This is a service written by the company I am working for, so if it does not work, it is entirely our fault .. and it often doesn’t :-(

Soon to be re-written in Java, instead of the mishmash of perl, shell scripts, C and X.25.

I am still looking for a place - I just missed a really nice place in Rondebosch - so I am off again.

Cheers, Andy!