I now have an apartment - in the posh area of Devils Peak, just below a hill of the same name. I share with a white lady who works for a WWW publishing company.

It is a fairly small apartment, with stunning views of Cape Town, and somewhat primitive plumbing. It is half an hours walk from town, handy, as I have yet to buy a vehicle.

You may have notice the Rand plunge nearly 10% in value in the last week - currency speculators who think the Rand will devalue like the Eastern economies. It appears to be holding at that level though.

As a consequence, I would prefer to keep my dollars as dollars, and borrow from the bank to buy a bike. Prime rate here is now 26%.

Near my apartment I am happy to find a really great local (white, primarily) bar called The Shack - fine music, indifferent beer, and good clientele. Well, cannot win them all ..

At work I a busy tidying up these folks network security, and installing administration software, and in the process getting familiar with the various systems the company maintains for Vodacom. We have finally agreed of the text for the employment contract I have to sign, so hopefully I will soon be able to persuade the bank to lend me money ..

Oh - naked white toes ?? Major shock value here - I now wear socks.

Happy 4th July ..

Cheers, Andy!