This weekend was Madiba’s birthday - Nelson Mandela was 80 years old. Much was made about it, and Madiba, who has a good sense of humor, also chose the time to marry Graca Michel, his third wife and long-time companion since her husband, the president of Mozambique, died in a plane crash.

It was also the 100th anniversary of Kruger national park - a fine institution that owes its existence to the scourge of the Tsetse fly at the end of last century.

The prevalence of the fly discouraged settlement by farmers, and thus the land was left alone. A similar area in Southern KwaZulu/Natal was also afflicted, and in attempt to rid the area of the fly all wildlife in the area was systematically shot.

The fly, however, remained.

More newsworthy, however, have been the continuing battles between rival groups in Richmond, Natal. Rife with conspiracy theories, ANC supporters, UDM supporters have been dying in horrific assasinations darkly rumored to be ordered by one or the other political party, or an unknown third party associated with the old security forces.

The murders are undeniable - and the fighting is an uncomfortable indication of what might be to come in next years elections.

Cheers, Andy!