I have a minor role in the upcoming Milnerton Players production Key for Two, where I play a drunken Australian vet. It opens the first week of December.

I went to a Rave club in Cape Town on Saturday, with a couple of friends from work. We queued for about an hour, and eventually got in at 12:15AM. The place was packed, with a live DJ and warehouse size and feel. A huge dancefloor, loud music. Though it was good, it was not as good as the rave music I heard at Rustlers Valley in 1997, which also had the advantage of a large bonfire.

Major security at the door - everyone was frisked for weapons. Cover charge of R40 ($7) was the people filter.

The major beverage consumed was water. I saw little else being drunk. They had large soft chill-out rooms for the pill-poppers.

People were easy to talk to, and almost excessively friendly.

I left at 4:30, Sean got back at 7:30. He called me at 11:30AM Sunday, and we went for a motorcycle ride for the rest of the day. A late breakfast in Franshoek, and then a long ride through stunning scenery and national park down for sunset in Georges Bay. Most beautiful.

Franshoek (did I tell you ?) is an idyllic valley, and is the last part of a story about fleeing French Hugenot protestants who started a new life in South Africa. Climbing out of the valley at the bottom end, we paused on the road, and could picture where the Hugenots decided to settle. A long way (then) from Cape Town, with mountains on three sides, water and flat farmland along the bottom. A perfect place to start a new life.

Cheers, Andy!