The holiday season is upon us with a vengeance.

Johannesburg goes to the beach in December, which translates to Durban, Cape Town, or Mozambique. Weather is hot, but maritime, so the wind is usually cool.

With a couple of friends from work we went on a huge motorcycle rally a couple of weeks ago, called the Toy Run. It has been an annual event for a long time now, and is a toys-for-kids-for-xmas rally. The N3 highway was filled with large motorcycles, some with huge stuffed toys riding pillon. Harleys are king of the hill, and unbelievably expensive here.

With the Milnerton Players I have just finished a run of “Key for Two”, a farce that was well reviewed and well received. Review at and [10] and, for the WWW-challenged, below ..

Most of the people at worked turned up - amazed at the prospect of hearing Andy sing ..

The group is very strong, though getting a little aged. Very white. They have their own place, and their own bar. Much of the revenue comes from the bar, but also from Gala performances mid-week, where they sell the entire show to a sponsor.

There was a national holiday this past Wednesday, “Reconciliation Day”. It happens to fall on the same day as an important Africaanse day, the “Day of the Vow”, when 30 Voortrekkers at Blood River vowed to build a monument of they survived the battle the next day, the Battle of Blood River, where, with the help of guns, they defeated the Zulus (6000 dead) for the loss of 30.


I believe the Zulus had a rememberance this year as well.

And - a lekker festive season to you all ..