The new year came in with european zest, and widely publicised and necessary advertising about drink-drive. Very necessary - in Africa life is cheaper.

There was another car-bomb near the Waterfront - but only two people lightly injured. No responsibility claimed - the widely held belief is that it is PAGAD, a Mulsim Vigilante group People Against Gangs And Drugs, were involved.

Protestations to the contrary, but PAGAD has a chequered past, and not always following its charter.

In order to better plan my time, I am considering contracting here now, which will also put a little distance between myself and Vodacom, the Cellphone network InTouch does a lot of work for.

Andy’s Idea is looking like a CD compilation/publication with some free distribution in the near term.

I thought this year would be MIM in Roman numerals, but they have something much more boring on program credits. But programming this year will be pre-occupied with The Bug, where I have other plans.

The Bug will provide plenty of work this year though.

I went up to Worcester, to see Megan’s friend DeVilliers, and caught him starting the grape harvest, and bottling Hex Valley spring water for sale in 7/11’s around Cape Town.

Cheers, Andy!