Our apartment was broken into, and I had my laptop stolen. Bummer. Well, less to carry around now .. Corinna, my flatmate, bought a house in Rondebosh, so we moved out of our apartment.

There was a magnificent fireworks show over the harbour at the end of March. Cape Town is really such a beautiful place - a perfect setting for such a thing.

I took a leave of absence from InTouch in Cape town this month, and first went to an open-air weekend music festival at Rustlers Valley, in Eastern Orange Free State. I also went there for the Easter festival two years ago - the weather was better this time, and it was better organised.

Top of the bill was “THC” - who came on too late on Sunday for me to stay up and watch.

No matter - there was music all weekend, I met a few people I knew from before - and lots of other people, mostly from Johannesburg. And, yes, there is a difference between folks from Johannesburg and Cape Town ..

I camped, bought some funky clothes, and adopted other campsites and generally had a great time. South Africans really know how to party.

After Rustlers, I headed down to Eshowe, Zululand, where I spent some time last time I was here.

It is interesting to see the place two years on - in the fort museum I was even recognised by the lady curator ..

Graham Chennells, with whom I got along well with last time, is much as usual.. I have woken up with a hangover twice in a row now ..

Cheers, Andy!