I picked up my motorcycle again in Durban - R2200 worth of repairs - including a clutch pressure plate at R900 (eek) and a complete set of gearbox bearings, and R1000 worth of labor. (R6 to the dollar).

I pressed on to East London, then the next day through to Natures Valley, just outside Plettenburg bay, crossing in my travels several huge rivers that run down to the sea. I spent a couple of days in Natures Valley - a Feinboss plant kingdom, and the worlds highest Bungee jump (No, I didn’t..). I went sailing in Plettenburg Bay, and visited a seal colony, and some dolphins that stopped by the boat to play. The Backpackers lodge there had a very interesting guy working there - a (gay) South African that had been round the world massaging the rich and famous, and then had lost it all trying to pass Coke through customs in Bolivia - (bad experience deleted) - and was back in South Africa after rehab.

I only made it as far as Knysna today - the steady drizzle was getting to me - by waterproofs were mislaid in Durban at the bike shop. I am interested to check out the beer in home town of Mitchells Brewery - under new management, I hear.

Cheers, Andy!