I returned to Cape Town, the mother city, the first city in South Africa. I am staying with friends from work, who have an apartment overlooking the Atlantic.

The smell of the sea in the morning, and the sunsets, one every day, computer access, a resort town.

I step symbolically onto a plane on June 2nd, as the country takes part in the second election since apartheid. I am visiting the States for a month, until early July.

The ANC will win, the question is whether they will attain the two-thirds majority necessary to have the option of fiddling with the constitution.

The Democratic Party and (New) National Party appear to be running neck-and-neck, and the IFP will be regionalised to Zululand and the mines. A good scattering of kook political parties..

I am back at InTouch, looking at the progress on SMS delivery software we write for Vodacom, the major cell network in South Africa. I am also doing a peer review of software within the company, and setting up a few more linux servers, and reading about the new Merced architecture .. will be re-hosted soon, so I am doing some work in that area too - with, your own virtual machine.

Last night I went to see “The Matrix”, a new SciFi movie.

When I come back to South Africa, I would like to publish a (free) weekly CDROM, where content providers would pay to have a presence. It would also contain free software, mp3s, and maybe some educational websites. Later versions will have a search engine, to tell you which previous edition had the information you wanted.

Cheers, Andy!