I am consulting for iTouch, who are expanding overseas now with their new owners, the media company that owns many of South Africa’s newspapers, the Independent Newspaper Group.

I anticipate it taking around a month.

I am duplicating our South Africa operation in New Zealand, including the computer setup that handles our SMS and IVR, and hiring a technical team to maintain it. The mobile operator in New Zealand is Vodaphone, now the largest network operator worldwide, while Independent Newspapers owns the newspapers here - an identical setup to South Africa. The plan is also to roll out in Australia, however the network agreement has yet to be worked out.

Auckland - home of all things woollen. The main drag with shops (all signage in Japanese as well) selling knitwear, boots (woollen), sheep souveniers. The shops in the central business district mostly close at 5:00PM - something I thought I saw the last of in England ten years ago.

However, the harbour has yachts. Big ones. At 3 hours from Australia by plane, there is a lot of ocean hereabouts.

Cheers, Andy!