Folks, I am sending this mail from National University of Lesotho, as you can see from the Email address “.ls” is the toplevel domain for this small African kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa. It has never been a part of RSA - it is a small mountainous country that supplies most of the water for RSA. Very third world, and its fortunes are inextricably linked to South Africa.

I am staying a beautiful lodge 2 Km outside of Roma, the University town. Yesterday I climbed Thaba Bosiu - Moshoeshoe’s mountain fortress from which he defended the country - and defined its people - during the turbulent times at the beginning of this century, when the Zulu started the internecine wars between the black tribes.

I also spent a morning in one of the rural towns, ostensibly looking for Bushmen paintings around a large sandstone outcrop close by, with the help of a number of teenagers there. We found none. I learned of a bead game, very similar to nine mens morris, but it would properly be called twelve mens morris, as it is on a bigger board with more pieces. Otherwise the rules are almost identical.

The National University has a 9600 baud connection to the rest of the world, only a month old. However, none of the computers within the University are networked - this one is networked by modem within the campus. The computers are new - 486 or Pentium, but traditional networking on campus uses Novell and Microsoft.

There are three Linux installations - one next to me is broken, but maybe it is fixable …

I am headed to a Music festival in Rustlers Valley, just outside of Ficksberg, RSA, over Easter weekend, then to Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, to get new tyres for my Motorcycle, and then I may come back here.

Cheers, Andy!

PS. I have missed describing Oudshoorn, WCP, a Afrikaanse speaking stronghold whose Arts festival I forsook for the Music Festival this Weekend.

PPS. Ditto - Mossel Bay, a seaside resort, where I stayed in a stationary train at the beach.

PPPS. Ditto - The Buffalo motorcycle Rally at the other end of the Garden route. Another time, maybe.