From: George Campbell

Tks fr yr msge from Zululand. Things have been humming here. The place is like an armed Camp with trucks full of soldiers carrying sub-machine guns. It would appear that when Mandela came here 2 weeks ago for the Funeral of Van Der Byl who was gunned down, he went to one of our townships to do a ‘walk-around’ and subsequently 2 bombs were found next to the road he travelled on. He all but said that the murder was instigated by Nkabinde. We here are soon to have another election - not us as we live outside the town - and the widow of the murdered man is standing in his place for the ANC(!) who were probably responsible. Mandela is desperately trying to cool things off here and was to have ridden through the town on Saturday but Nkabinde’s lads threatened a ‘dead town’. Mandela took the hint and advised accordingly by his minions went instead to Ixopo which you know, where he addressed a rally. Richmond would appear to be the only town in the world which is ‘off limits’ to Mandela!

I’m glad you are enjoying Zululand. I was brought up in the Mount Edgecombe/Umhlanga area and love the north cost, and have spent an enormous amount of time in Zulland even right up to the Mozambique Border. I was interested to see your e-mail came fom the Chennell’s. I was at school with his brother and his uncle.

Keep in touch. Regards from all at Mellgem. George.