I set off to Spashy Fen, a music festival, last Thursday, only to have my BMW R80 break a clutch pressure plate and other things in the gearbox.

After chatting with a motorcycle-owning indian bar-owner, he offered to take it in his Bakkie (pickup) to Durban, to the mechanic currently fixing his bike, which we duly did. I then hitch-hiked to Splashy Fen - even with the help of a sign it took too long to get a lift .. but the magic ride materialised, and I got there in time for the evening festivities.

Splashy Fen was great - a little more conventional than Rustlers Valley, with lots of good music. Best band:- Boo!

I hung out with some Indian neighbors - Doctors and Dentists and a large family - and countless other people. There was a short hailstorm - and a 2 hour power cut, but they were the only interruptions in an excellent weekend.

Back to Durban, where I found that my ‘bike would be another week to fix. So I am now visiting old friends in Mbabane, Swaziland, at a Backpacker called the Chillage. I am at an Internet Cafe that gets most of its (proxyable..) bandwidth via Satellite, Infosat. I head back next week, via the Sangoma snake demonstration in Zululand I talked of before.

Cheers, Andy!