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Mbabane, swaziland

By |  May 2, 1999  | swaziland
Folks, I set off to Spashy Fen, a music festival, last Thursday, only to have my BMW R80 break a clutch pressure plate and other things in the gearbox. After chatting with a motorcycle-owning indian bar-owner, he offered to take it in his Bakkie (pickup) to Durban, to the mechanic currently fixing his bike, which we duly did. I then hitch-hiked to Splashy Fen - even with the help of a sign it took too long to get a lift .
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By |  Jun 16, 1997  | swaziland, education
Folks, A few more impressions after being here a few days - Even the rural areas seem relatively affluent compared to rural South Africa. Much, I am sure, because of the low population here. Large British influence here - Barclays bank, many ex-pats, Universal English, little or no Africaanse. The government is a mess. The King, who did not like the last constitution, and so summarily dissolved the government and put together a ’traditional’ system, that basically means he (and his mother) have complete power.
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Kingdom of Swaziland

By |  Jun 10, 1997  | swaziland, internet
Folks, Swaziland is landlocked country of a similar flavor to Lesotho, with small roads, a blanket speed limit of 80Km/hr, which is completely ignored. There are two big towns, Manzini and the capital Mbabane, both of which are much nicer than Maseru, the capital of Lesotho. The road between them is now being upgraded, but was listed in the Guiness book of records as the most accident-prone anywhere. It has the Royal residences, all the big hotels, the (tiny, but good) Mlilwane game reserve, and the Why Not disco and strip bar.
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